Hello beautiful people, welcome to our personal shopper information page. Beeola Shopper is a branch of Beeola Beauty Nigeria. We help you get items you’ve been wanting to get from the USA to Nigeria.

This is how it works, you send us the item or link of the item you want from any  USA website, we calculate the item plus tax and shipping within the USA and send you the cost. You also pay the shipping to Nigeria and that is based on the weight of the package, shipping cost is 4$ per lb (pound). Asides from the shipping and item fee, you also pay a personal shopping fee which varies :

If your total bill excluding shipping is under 10k, your fee is N2000.
if it’s between 11k – 20k, your fee is N3000.
If it is between 21k – 40k, your fee is N4000.
IF your item is from 41k-50k your fee is N5000

51k – 60k  your fee is N6000

61-80k your fee is N7500

81k -100k your fee is N9500.

101k up your fee is 10% of the total bill, also excluding shipping.

(orders over 100k, fees are negotiable)


We can help get any non-beauty related item, for all your makeup, skincare or other beauty needs, check our preorder store @beeolabeauty. We can help get items from clothes, shoes, electronics and so much more from major stores like Walmart, BestBuy, bhphoto and video, Zara, Asos and the likes. We also help you find and apply special store discounts to bring down your bill depending on what store you are shopping from.

This is for all men and women, we also offer nationwide delivery options within Nigeria !!!!


For all other questions, please send us an email or send us a direct message on Instagram @BeeolaShopper.