About and Contact

Hello and Welcome to Beeola Beauty Store, your best stop for getting all yourSkincare needs met with authentic and affordable items. BeeolaBeauty store is owned by Beeola Beauty, a fast-rising beauty company. Beeola beauty store is a preorder store, for now, you can even find more items on our Instagram page @BeeolaBeauty, we take preorders for any and every beauty product sold outside Nigeria.

If  there’s  any item you need to pre-order that’s not listed on the website or on our Instagram page, please send us a message and we would list it immediately

Please note that this is partly a pre-order store, after you place orders, we get the items and send to Nigeria and have it delivered to your doorstep. The whole process takes 2-4 weeks and we deliver all over Nigeria.

Our Instagram page is another source of information and we do lots of giveaways there.

Some perks include gift and samples with every order. Every purchase comes with a gift! Yes, you get gifts and samples with each purchase. You also earn points from ordering on the website, so what are you waiting for?!!!

For more information, please send us an email help@beeola.com or leave us a message below